Bridal Process & Pricing

The bridal alterations flat rate is $600, paid in thirds at each fitting. 

This includes what I consider “the usual.” These are things that almost every gown I’ve worked on needed:

  • 3 one-hour fittings

  • Adjustment to straps/shoulders

  • Bust darts and/or bust cups

  • Take in/let out torso

  • Take in/let out hips

  • Hem

  • Bustle or hem of train

If you’re a non-traditional bride getting married in, say, a cotton peasant dress, we’d treat that more like everyday-wear alterations. But if you found your gown at a bridal salon, you can expect to need some combination of the above.

What to Expect

The bridal alterations process includes three fittings:

First fitting

At the first fitting, we’ll make a plan for all the work to be done to your dress. You’ll try on the dress and we’ll put pins in place. We’ll also schedule subsequent fittings.

Second fitting

Before the second fitting, I’ll make all the alterations in ways that can be reversed. This way, we can get the dress back on your body and check that nothing has changed in the transition from pins to stitches that may need some attention.

Third fitting

Before the third fitting, I’ll finalize the work — I’ll make whatever tweaks were needed and close everything back up like I was never there. The goal for the third fitting is that we try the dress on, teach someone how to complete the bustle, and talk over steaming, packing, and anything else you need to do to the dress when I’m not there. Then you get to take it home!

What to Bring

For all your fittings, please bring your shoes and any special undergarments or shapewear you plan to wear on your wedding day. Your shoe height tells us how long to cut the hem, and shapewear can affect the fit, so it’s helpful to know what we’re planning for.


I like to schedule first fittings 2 to 4 months before the wedding date, and third fitting 10 to 14 days out. The second fitting can fall anywhere in between, depending on our schedules and other factors (like weight gain/loss goals).

Bridal Parties

I also offer alterations for suits, bridesmaids, flower girls, the family dog… whoever else needs to look good that day. These work more like general alterations and generally only require one fitting and a pick-up.  These services are priced individually.